Tin Ceiling Tiles Can Dramatically Transform the Appearance of Your Home, Hotel or Restaurant

If you are the proprietor of a hotel or restaurant, and want to spectacularly transform the look and ambiance of the place, without spending a fortune on the refitting, it’s worth taking a look at tin ceiling tiles. Real tin ceiling tiles and faux tin ceiling tiles both look stunning, and they are readily available for sale on the Internet, at very affordable prices. There are several online merchants who stock an extensive supply of real tin, aluminum and solid copper tiles.

Faux tin tiles can look equally good, but come with certain advantages compared to their real metal counterparts. For one thing, faux tin is much lighter than real tin, being made from recyclable PVC. They can be easily cut to size with ordinary scissors, and come in convenient rolls – typically 25 ft by 25 ft. And, once they are cut to size, faux tin tiles are very easy to glue into place as well. Last, but not least, they will never rust. Of course, it’s possible to rust-proof real tin tiles if you want to give your hotel or restaurant that real touch of class.

Faux and real tin tiles come in a wide range of designs and finishes. You can opt for a contemporary design if you want to add a touch of modernity to your establishment. Many people like to recreate the classic effect of original tin ceilings which were a feature of so much architecture from the Victorian era in America. Or you can go back further into history and give your hotel or restaurant (or home!) an Elizabethan or Renaissance look.

If you are lucky enough to own an old building with an original tin ceiling, you may be worried about how you can maintain it if one or more tiles become damaged and need replacing. Heck, the chances are, some of them are already showing some damage after all this time. Well, there’s no need to worry about that. Some online merchants, as well as selling real and faux tin tiles, offer a tile replication service. All you have to do is send them one undamaged original tile, and they will make a form and press any number of exact replicas for you.