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Tips on Small Business Data Backup

If you are starting a small business or already running a business your data is something that you cannot afford to lose. Small business data backup is essential to the lifeline of your business. When you think about it, if you lost all of your data how would you get your business up and running again?

Most small business owners have an arsenal of backup and storage methods to ensure they can recover everything in the event of data loss. The small business data backup methods they use consist of a combination of different types of storage. Here are some tips on how you can build your arsenal of backup and storage methods to avoid losing your small business to data loss.

Assess Your Data Inventory

Review the data that is related to your small business and decide on the files and information do not want to lose. This information usually includes financial spreadsheets, billing and invoices, customer information, sales records, and much more. Backup as much information as necessary so you do not have to spend hours re-creating some of the information you originally thought you would not need.

Online Data Storage

Online data storage is becoming a popular option for small business data backup. Online data storage services are popping up all over the Internet and allow you to backup critical data to a remote server. When you use an online backup service you can access your data from any computer with an Internet connection. You simply enter your password and access the files that are stored on the remote server.

Online data storage provides secure encryption and services for restoring your data in the event that you lose it. Some of the online data backup services provide a comprehensive list of features that allow you to use a variety of methods for backing up and accessing your data. If you want added assurance that you can retrieve your data in the event you lose it, online data storage is an ideal option.

External Storage

Another method you can add to your arsenal of small business data backup is an external hard drive. This is a peripheral device that you connect to your PC via a USB port. External hard drives are capable of storing large amounts of data and the more recent devices can store several terabytes of data.

Just like any other technology device an external hard drive can malfunction so if you use this method, it should also be used in conjunction with another data storage method such as online data storage.

Backup Software

Backup software is also referred to as “drive imaging” where you can use the software to create a replica of a drive that you designate on your PC. For example, if all of your important data is stored on the “C” drive then you will use backup software to replicate an image of this drive. Once you create an image of the drive you can store on a CD or another hard drive.

Backup software will also allow you to create an entire image of your PC and then store it on a Blu-Ray disc, CD, or external hard drive. If you happen to experience a system crash you can easily get your small business up and running again.

Again, in the event that your disks or external hard drive are damaged it is always a good idea to use backup software in conjunction with another method such as online storage. Although you may use backup software, disks and external hard drives are not 100 percent foolproof.

When it comes to technology and small business data backup it is important to develop a healthy system for data backup. This system should include online storage combined with one of the other methods discussed in this article. If you use online storage and then store your external devices in a safety deposit box or other safe place so you are assured of getting your small business up and running again in the event of system failure.