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How to Enjoy a Business Trip: From Expense Reporting to Room Service

A business trip can be a great time, but if it’s not done properly it can also be a pain in the neck. Flight delays, poor amenities, and packed schedules can leave you wishing you had just stayed home. Here’s how to make the most of your travels.

1. Hotel: It’s important to stay in a hotel that is close to town. You don’t want to be stuck on the outskirts in a Motel 6. It’s nice to have a hotel with fitness center (to de-stress), a pool and Jacuzzi (to cool down) and room service (to sleep in). Make it a nice room, as if you were choosing it on vacation. That way you can look forward to returning home after a long day under fluorescent lights.

2. Vacation: Consider adding a couple of days to your stay so you can check out the sights on your own time. Invite a friend or spouse along to visit so you can share new experiences together.

3. Schedule Properly: If you can, schedule your meetings according to your desires. If you’re a night owl, schedule them in the afternoons. If you’re an early bird, do it in the morning.

4. Eat Well: Do some research to see where to eat. Visit different neighborhoods and absorb some of the culture while you’re there. Turn dinner into more than just a business meeting by choosing a restaurant with live music or one that’s showing a big game you and your client may be interested in.

5. Pack Light: If you are burdened with big bags you are going to wind up having to chauffeur them around, which is more to worry about and more to pay for, especially when it comes time for business expense reports.

6. Expense Reporting: Don’t worry about expense reporting and T&E (travel and entertainment). Instead use expense management software so that you don’t have to think about invoices before you go to bed at night.

Travel should be fun and exciting. When you do explore new lands for business, you should be able to appreciate what you are seeing and experiencing without dwelling on the small stuff, like how you’re going to report all of your business expenses or how you should get to the airport. Treat it like any vacation, where you just so happen to have a planned itinerary. Show up, relax, have fun, and work hard.

How to Easily Plan a Camping Trip

Depending upon the season, your camping plan may differ. You may have to pack the snow shoes in December in the mountains, and leave them out in the heat of the summer. Despite the obvious, there are a few essentials you need for every camping trip. Once you’ve packed most of these items, they can stay with your camping gear and you’ll just need to do a quick run-through before each trip!

Give Me Shelter!

Shelter is imperative when camping. Make sure you bring a tent or a tarp. Bring an air mattress or a sleeping bag so you can be comfortable (and possibly warm!) Comforters and pillows are luxury in the wilderness, but if you have the space and are able to bring it, why not? It’s great to have the comforts of home on your adventure! So pull up a chair and get ready for some relaxation.

Dinner Is Served.

Cooking in a camping atmosphere can be as primitive as you wish, or as luxurious as it can get! Essentials include: water, food, a can opener, a camp stove, a lighter, charcoal and a cooler! If you want to get elaborate, you can bring tables and chairs, a tent with a dining area, and a chuck box full of delicacies like paper towels, salt and pepper, plates and bowls, knives, a cutting board and aluminum foil.

Don’t forget to bring cleaning items like brooms and trash bags so you’re able to leave nature the way it was intended.

Scouts Honor

Staying safe in nature is one of the main priorities. The first aid kit is imperative and should include items like bandages, aspirin, gauze, medical tape, antiseptic wipes, burn creams, sunscreen, bug spray, scissors, tweezers and a snake bite kit! From hiking blisters to headaches, you need to be prepared.

Ready, Set, Go!

Packing may seem like a hefty task when going camping, but once you get it down pat-its routine and you have everything set and ready to go. Don’t forget about yourself, and especially if you’re packing for a family that includes little ones! You need t-shirts, shorts, pants, socks, hiking boots, or shoes, a hat, rain gear, undergarments, and a bathing suit if its summer. Don’t forget to bring a bag for your worn items-especially if they get drenched in a rain, or sweaty. You’ll want to keep them away from your clean clothing.

So Fresh and So Clean.

You’re going to want to bring some personal items on your trip such as: toothpaste, a toothbrush, towels, soaps, and brushes or grooming essentials and very importantly toilet paper.

What Did I Forget?

Being in nature is about having fun, relaxing and enjoying your home away from home. Make sure to bring cameras, binoculars, bunging cords if you’re doing any climbing, a gps, games, a lantern, matches, rope, a cell phone, a compass, and a whistle.