3 Secrets on How to Be a Summer Camp Counselor

Summer camp is a time for the fun activities away from home and under the sun. That means summer camp. But campers are not the only ones who will have a great time at camp. Thousands of lucky camp counselors around the U.S. are going to have the time of their lives.

However, being a counselor is not all fun and games. Counselors must be mature adults who can supervise whole cabins of children. They may share the living accommodations with them. Therefore, it is critical you follow these tips so that you can provide a positive experience for the kids.

1. Being positive is the first thing you must take note. You should always have that positive attitude in your walk, in your speech, and in your actions. Remember that you are supposed to be the epitome of what a role model counselor should be. Learn to bring out that positive energy for your campers to emulate. Make it a point to see if your campers are having a great time while learning some stuff too.

2. Always listen to what your campers have to say. This is very crucial if you want to win their trust and respect. Make it a point to have their needs above yours. This would make them feel that you are really treating them as if you are a big brother or a big sister.

3. If you want to be remembered as an awesome and cool counselor, stay with your campers in the cabin as often as you can. And if you have dull moments, talk to them always; at the same time, make them talk to you and to each other too. Communication is the key to a better relationship with them. Encourage them to talk to one another too, anyway this is one of the objectives of the summer camp, to make many friends along the way. And this way, they will also feel closer and working together will be more bearable for them when they feel that they know each other well.

Anybody can become a good counselor once he knows what the essential things about personal relationships are. Remember that being a counselor can be your greatest way in meeting new people, gaining outdoor experiences, and learning from them. And at the same time, to enjoy and give yourself a break, too.

Follow these 3 secrets and you will be well on your way to becoming a great camp counselor. Above all, enjoy yourself, be safe, and be responsible!