How to Enjoy a Business Trip: From Expense Reporting to Room Service

A business trip can be a great time, but if it’s not done properly it can also be a pain in the neck. Flight delays, poor amenities, and packed schedules can leave you wishing you had just stayed home. Here’s how to make the most of your travels.

1. Hotel: It’s important to stay in a hotel that is close to town. You don’t want to be stuck on the outskirts in a Motel 6. It’s nice to have a hotel with fitness center (to de-stress), a pool and Jacuzzi (to cool down) and room service (to sleep in). Make it a nice room, as if you were choosing it on vacation. That way you can look forward to returning home after a long day under fluorescent lights.

2. Vacation: Consider adding a couple of days to your stay so you can check out the sights on your own time. Invite a friend or spouse along to visit so you can share new experiences together.

3. Schedule Properly: If you can, schedule your meetings according to your desires. If you’re a night owl, schedule them in the afternoons. If you’re an early bird, do it in the morning.

4. Eat Well: Do some research to see where to eat. Visit different neighborhoods and absorb some of the culture while you’re there. Turn dinner into more than just a business meeting by choosing a restaurant with live music or one that’s showing a big game you and your client may be interested in.

5. Pack Light: If you are burdened with big bags you are going to wind up having to chauffeur them around, which is more to worry about and more to pay for, especially when it comes time for business expense reports.

6. Expense Reporting: Don’t worry about expense reporting and T&E (travel and entertainment). Instead use expense management software so that you don’t have to think about invoices before you go to bed at night.

Travel should be fun and exciting. When you do explore new lands for business, you should be able to appreciate what you are seeing and experiencing without dwelling on the small stuff, like how you’re going to report all of your business expenses or how you should get to the airport. Treat it like any vacation, where you just so happen to have a planned itinerary. Show up, relax, have fun, and work hard.

I Want to Travel Cheap and Not Spend Too Much Money – Do Travel Agents Save You Money?

If you want to travel cheap and save a bunch of money on your vacation, the first thing you need to do is plan in advance. The people who save the most money are usually the ones who begin planning for their trip at least a month in advance.

But what are the advantages of using a travel agent as opposed to just doing it yourself? After all, most of this information is readily available all over the Internet.

One advantage of a travel agent is, because they book so many trips, they can more easily negotiate a great deal for you with the airlines, the hotels, and the car rental agencies. If you are looking for the best deal for your money and the cheapest way to travel, a good travel agent can find you the best deals.

Now, I know what you are thinking. It’s a lot faster and easier to just do all this yourself online. But one thing that might happen is some companies will add on extra fees. For example, cruise lines may add an extra fee per day for fuel or airlines may charge you for luggage. A good agent can help you avoid these fees by directing you to companies that don’t charge them. This can save you a good amount of money in the long run.

Travel agencies often also get different travel promotions which they can let you know about. So if you want to travel cheap and get the best deals for your money, don’t forget to consider calling or visiting your local travel agency just to see what they can offer you. But don’t wait till the last minute! Plan ahead.

Tight, Ripped Abs Tips: May Be Easier To Get a Six Pack Than You Think

A gorgeous ribbed stomach does not have to be a dream. You can have tight abs and you do not have to do a hundred crunches a day to get them. With a combination of diet, exercise and the best 6 pack tips around, you’ll be walking around, showing off a gorgeous stomach in no time.

Important Tip #1 – Pay attention to what you are eating. You need lots of lean meats, fresh vegetables, and carbohydrates in your diet. They not only keep you healthy but they help you to burn fat. In addition to that, cut out the two or three large meals a day and scale down to four or five small meals. If you must eat something sweet, do it in moderation and remember to drink lots of water.

Important Tip #2 – Fat loves to lie on the abdominals, and for many people, that layer of fat hides their muscles away from the world. That is why it is important to incorporate cardio into your life. If you don’t, all your exercise is worth nothing because the muscles hide under all that fat. So do at least 30 minutes workouts three times a week.

Important Tip #3 – It is important to let your abs recuperate and rest after a workout, that is why you should only do an abs workout two or three times a week. The more you work them the faster they’ll grow is just a myth, they need at least a one-day rest between training. Make sure you do your abs work at the beginning of your workout so you are not too tired to do them properly later on in it.

Important Tip #4 – Resistance train your abs. When you use resistance to work your arms, you give your muscles a better workout. Therefore, you need to do the same with your abdominals. Try the incline bench sit-ups and leg-raises on the Captain’s Chair to start. Also, doing your exercises in slow motion makes them harder.

Important Tip #5 – Don’t just focus on the top layer of abs for a six-pack look, you need to work the whole waistline. This includes the top and lower abs, your obliques, and your back. If you want a well-defined stomach, you need to focus on the big picture, not just one group of muscles.

As you work on your abs, you not only give yourself a chance for a gorgeous stomach, but you strengthen your whole body. When your abs are strong, they help your back and your body perform everyday tasks easier. That is why using the best 6 pack tips in combination with your own routines will not only have you showing off your tight stomach, but also help keep it that way.