Asian Destinations – Interesting Facts About Brunei

Brunei is a Southeast Asian country, officially named Negara Brunei Darussalam. The country has an area of 5,765km2, along Borneo’s northern coast. Brunei. Constitutional monarchy is their form of government which is ruled by a sultan as the head of the state. Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu’izzaddin Waddaulah, is the present sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam. He has the complete discretion over the entire country, whom is assisted by his five councils which are the: the Religious Council, the Council of the Ministers or the Cabinet, the Privy Council, the Legislative Council and the Council of Succession. These councils give advice and help the sultan in making decisions for his country.

Brunei nationals are called Bruneians, which today, has around 300,000 populations. The country consists mainly of 64% Malays and 20% with that of the Chinese, being Muslim as the predominant religion with 63% of the country’s population, and 14% on Buddhism. Their primary language is Malay, Chinese which consists of different dialects, and also English. The economy is rich with crude oil and natural gases which the country is most likely supported. Though considered as a third-world country, Brunei is proud that it can support the country’s medical services, and provides for food and housing funds by its own.

Business in Brunei is like any other businesses in other countries, though they do have some things they want business travelers have to keep in mind, to avoid being thought as rude:

o    Business attires must be conservative. Men for example should wear suit and tie while doing business and women on the other hand is advised to wear a business suit or dress with long sleeves and long skirt preferable right below the knee.

o    A hand shake is considerable enough during first meetings with business colleagues to show respect between each other.

o    Public alcohol drinking is strictly prohibited, so you might want to exclude that from your planner.

o    Also, prevent being too loud when you’re in public; the country is admired of their being discreet at all times.

o     It is considered too in Brunei (and mostly all other Muslim nations) that the head is the most important section of the body, as the feet being the least important, and it is required to remove our shoes whenever we enter someone’s house.

o    Likewise too, the Bruneians do not allow pointing fingers with the index finger. It is more advised to use the thumb instead.

Other than those, Brunei is a friendly country with friendly people, so if you’re friendly enough either, you won’t find any difficulty with your visit.