Adventure Holidays in The Netherlands


Netherlands is the country which has more bicycles than residents; the country has more than 10000 miles of biking routes. This is the Netherlands the ideal country to be explored by bike. Here one can find hundreds of routes varying from beaches and dunes to hills and lush green forests. Almost all the cities and towns here are accessible by water. Water sports here also attract people in large number. The most enthusiastic people here cater for sailing and wind surfing.

Tulip Tour


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On this adventure holiday to Holland you will get the experience of springtime in the city. Holland with expeditions to the exemplary Dutch sights. We travel by barge to Spaarndam and to the famous village of Hans Brinker leaving Amsterdam. From here we can make a short cycle trip to Haarlem. This is the Flower Park Keukenhof; here you receive a warm welcome by thousands of tulips, hyacinths and daffodils which are available in various colours, shapes and scents. Cycling through the blossoming fields we reach Leiden which is the birthplace of Rembrandt the world’s famous painter. We ride our bikes continuously and reach traditional Dutch windmill and also a local cheese farm. Here we can learn the process of preparing cheese and make delicious cheese. On the last day we can visit Aalsmeer where the world’s biggest Flower Auction takes place.

Towns of the Golden Age


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Here we can take a Cruise along the waterways of Netherland and visit the seven historical towns from the Dutch Golden Age. Here we get to know more about their historical past, industry, commerce and water based transportation system. It is said that during the historical period the Dutch Masters painted their most renowned works. Here we can cycle through some of most pleasing sights of Holland. When you move from the countryside you can get an inside view to the modern-day remnants of industries which was steeped in Dutch history. Here you can also visit the recognized ceramic artists & potters of chinaware, cheese makers and gin distillers while we know more about diverse cultures and historical past that have give birth to the contemporary life in the Netherlands.

Best spots for water sports

The well known windsurfing spots in Netherland include the De grevelingen and the south-west lakes of Veerse meer.

Best spots for hiking & trekking

South Limburg which is the southernmost point of the Netherlands is a home to Holland’s hiking trails. This hilly country is best place for any adventure sport.

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